“The Writer is Dead” Wins Best Feature Film at CineParis

I'm delighted to announce that The Writer is Dead won Best Feature Film at the CineParis International Film Festival!

Directed by my dear friend, the uber talented Shahab Hosseini, we shot this two-hander, single scene, 90-minute film over four or five nights back in 2019. Quite the whirlwind!

I couldn’t have done it without my co-star James Louis Wagner who saved the day after a last-minute casting snafu.

Much love to everyone at Seven Skies Entertainment. I can’t wait to see where this film goes next!


Forgive the plastic water bottles in this trailer. I have vowed that I will ask for single-use plastic props to be exchanged for reusables the next time I’m handed them on set. #stopplasticpollution

Award Certificate for Best Feature Film, "The Writer Is Dead"

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