Write Yourself a Love Poem

Write Yourself a Love Poem

To Denny on our third year

It’s our anniversary
But I’m celebrating me
I made it
Who knew?
I did not imagine this day
It arrived and nearly passed with little fanfare

The birds always sing their hymns at heaven’s gate
Spring, summer, winter, fall
They cry, they fight, they nest
They battle the elements — a warming planet
Unknown but certainly felt
Even if only in their genes
Genes we share
Even though we’re different
You from me
Us from the birds

Someday I’ll become a bee
Buzzing all the time
Buzzing with a mission to the hive
A communal celebration of life
That’s what an anniversary is
Isn’t it?
Annual, perennial, time
Ad astra

You are stardust
And so am I
Hold me in your shimmer
And rejoice in the glow

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