Gia Joins Treehugger as Expert Writer

An old boyfriend once told me I’d eventually leave acting to become a full-time environmental activist, fighting for the future of humanity and the well-being of all species.

And while I haven’t hung up my headshot and resume, I have turned my passion for low-impact living into a new vocation as a sustainable and vegan food expert writer with Treehugger, one of the world’s largest information sites dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.

My beat covers, among other topics, hacks to eating vegan at some of the most notoriously difficult places: fast food and casual dining restaurants. I’ve done national tours as an actor (ages ago when even being vegetarian was not most people’s radar), and I’ve been in the middle of exurban America with no resources about how to nourish myself given the limited options. It is for my younger self and all the other OG vegans out there that I’m writing these guides.

What’s more, it’s encouraging to see so many more restaurants offering options, or at least transparency, for vegan customers. Now if we can get them all to eliminate plastic packaging, we’ll really be eating our way to a healthier, happier, more livable world.

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