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It's pathetic to admit this, but before writing about sustainable seafood this month, I had no idea just how important marine animals are to the global food chain. I also did not know that fisheries are our best hope to feed the three billion people who depend on seafood for survival or that, as editor-in-chief Lloyd Alter highlighted in the Treehugger Daily Digest, unlike so many phrases surrounding the environmental movement, "sustainable seafood" is more than just virtue signaling.

And I was doubly honored to read Lloyd's comment in the Daily Digest about my 22 sustainable swaps to live a more eco-friendly life:

The biggest problem with Gia's post on "simple switches can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money" is that you won't have to read anything else on this site. She covers most of what Katherine has written about buying low carbon living or what I have written about sufficiency. It's like a roundup of 10 years of Treehugger.

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