Treehugger: March Posts

Spring has sprung here in Los Angeles, with April showers arriving about a week early. This time of year always makes me think about rebirth -- the many ways that regenerative living can help the planet, people, and animals.

If you've ever wondered how your eating habits affect the world around you, my article on the environmental impacts of veganism is a great place to start. How thrilling to have our Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Alter feature this piece in the Treehugger daily digest. (An extra sweet treat? My article about vegan sugar also made the daily digest.)

As we slide into April (my birthday month), I'll be thinking a lot about our terrestrial home and celebrating #fridaysforfuture on Instagram. Each week I'll be sharing tips and resources for living that sweet, sweet low-impact lifestyle.

In the age of climate disaster, we are what we conserve. Let's do this together.

📸: Timothy Sayre

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