Set Your DVRs

Mark your calendars for Monday, January 12th. The mid-season premiere (and my episode) of Castle airs at 10:00/9:00 Central. Celebrate with me by playing the Castle Drinking Game.

Wanna have even more fun? Watch the trailer below and try to spot me. Share your guesses in the comments. The winner will receive a FREE copy of the as-of-yet unreleased Gia Mora Sings Charlie Barnett CD!

Drum roll, please… It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Here I am!

8 thoughts on “Set Your DVRs”

  1. You have done an incredible job of following your dreams. I couldn’t be more proud! You go, girl!

    Donna Gieck
    (Computer teacher at Prospect Valley. Just in case you forgot. Lol)

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