Set Your DVRs, Part III

Catch Gia on True Detective on June 21 at 9PM only on HBO!

This blog is not a behind the scenes look at one of the most incredible television series ever made. I have no dressing room photos of a certain handsome Irishman, nor do I have spoilers to share. In fact, although I’m in Episode One of Season Two, I was only given the pages of my scene and nothing else. Even the call sheet listed numbers instead of names. I didn’t know who I’d be acting with until I was delivered to set from the makeup trailer.

The top notch secrecy of True Detective made it one of the most intriguing experiences of my career. Perhaps my acting is more authentic because I literally have no idea what lead up to or follows the moments I’m on screen. Shooting on location here in Los Angeles almost felt like I was in a reality show, more in the vein of Cops than Keeping up with the Kardashians. Something big was happening, and there just happened to be cameras there to capture it.

Watching the show will be as much of a surprise for me as it is for you. Enjoy, and remember, as creator Nic Pizzolatto writes, we get the world we deserve.

Post Script–If you don’t have HBO, sign up for a free trial of HBO Now. Once you see the first episode, you’ll be hooked…

Post-Post Script–Missed seeing me on last night’s season two premiere of True Detective? It wasn’t hard to do considering only one of my lines made the cut. When we catch up in person next, please scream, “Oh, my god, Whit!” and I will respond with the rest of the scene. You’ll have to imagine the crane shot, though…

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