Pre-order “Gia Mora Sings Charlie Barnett”

When I wasn’t in rehearsal or performing at the Kennedy Center this winter, I was in the studio with Charlie. Time sort of stops inside those soundproofed rooms, especially when singing Charlie’s music. His compositions sound like they’re the freshest grooves in Capitol Record’s greatest hits… from 1963.

This album in particular seems, to put it in the parlance of the times, “so LA.” We start out with the sounds of Laurel Canyon, evoking Joni Mitchell and Carole King in the early ’70s, then back over the hill to Columbia Pictures, where young Barbra Streisand made Broadway hits top 40 tunes. We end with what sounds like a tribute to the early Neville Brothers who also recorded at Capitol in the ’70s. Who knows… maybe Charlie would say I’m contemporizing his compositions.

Pre-orders of Gia Mora Sings Charlie Barnett will begin July 2 (coinciding with a new episode of upcoming Uncommon Chaos), and if you order it today through its formal release, you’ll receive a FREE bonus track available only for pre-orders. After that, any downloads or CD sales will not include this little gem featured below.


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