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Vanity was born when the mirror was discovered...

Photo by Diliana Deltcheva

It's always a delight to be a part of a project that I can enjoy as much as a performer as I can as an audience member. Pessimists Archive, hosted by the super smart Jason Feifer, is one such show. I hope that, if you listen to an episode just because I told you to, that, like me, you'll subscribe because you just can't get enough. If you don't trust me, read this glowing review from the AV Club.

This fascinating look at the history of technological advances shows that, for every premature embrace of questionable inventions, there’s a similarly foolish retrograde lurch away from bona fide innovations. Expert interviews are interwoven with superbly acted readings of scandalized old-timey news accounts to spin a tidy, engaging thread.

I'm featured in this week's episode all about the history and controversy of mirrors. You can also hear me complaining about scooters and yucking it up about elevators. Tune in to learn how, as George Santayana admonished, those who don't study history about bound to repeat it. Again and again and again.

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