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Static Media: December & January Posts

Gia Mora in Venice, CA
Special thanks to Samantha Sirota of Good Life Organics and Ric Miles of the Alliance for Water Efficiency for helping this month's posts come to life. 📸: Lesley Bohm

The List: November Posts

Gia Mora in Venice, CA
Every day is World Vegan Day in our house, but this year's celebration was particularly delightful because I got to connect with several international vegan fashion brands at Vegan Fashion ...

Treehugger: November Posts

Gia Mora on the LA River
Sustainable Living One of the best ways we can individually make a difference in the climate crisis is to eat more plants than animals. You don't have to go whole ...

All Hail Spanky

Gia Mora asleep with Spanky in her arms
ALL HAIL SPANKY King of CatsRuler of the PharaohsFeline Familiar to the Magically Inclined Today Spanky the Mighty begins his reign in the celestial realm where the birth and death ...
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