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Treehugger: June Posts

Gia Mora on the LA River
Vegan Guides This month I got to expand my coverage beyond environmental veganism and into the world of eco-design and gardening. I hope to put my research to work in ...

“The Writer is Dead” Wins Best Feature Film at CineParis

Award Certificate for Best Feature Film, "The Writer Is Dead"
I'm delighted to announce that The Writer is Dead won Best Feature Film at the CineParis International Film Festival! Directed by my dear friend, the uber talented Shahab Hosseini, we ...

Treehugger: May Posts

Gia Mora on the LA River
Vegan Guides Thanks as always to Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Alter for featuring my article about the science behind natural flavors in the Treehugger daily digest as well as last month's guide to ...

Gia Returns to Record Roulette to Talk “Transformer”

Gia on "Record Roulette" Discussing Lou Reed's "Transformer"
This month I made my triumphant return to my buddy Eamon O'Flynn's music podcast Record Roulette, where we dove into Lou Reed's iconic 1972 album, Transformer. It's such a treat ...
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