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Treehugger: November Posts

Gia Mora on the LA River
Vegan Guides Restaurant Guides Few foods raise the ire of vegans more than honey, so when I was assigned to cover it and its co-product beeswax for Treehugger last month, ...

Writing the Story of Our Future

Flipping the Script
What an honor to have presented for my SCIRENS sisters Tamara Krinsky and Taryn O'Neill at their climate storytelling event featuring star-studded readings of clifi (that's climate fiction, for the ...

Gia on Record Roulette

Gia Mora joins RECORD ROULETTE for an episode about James Taylor's SWEET BABY JAMES
I recently joined my physics pal Eamon O'Flynn on his music podcast Record Roulette, where we discussed James Taylor's Sweet Baby James. Listen not just for my nuanced musical analysis ...

Gia to Present at “Flipping the Script on Climate”

Flipping the Script Promo Flyer
I'm excited to join my screen sirens for science sisters Tamara Krinsky and Taryn O'Neill, SCIRENS, for a virtual event celebrating climate fiction that imagines better futures through innovation, community, and ...
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