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Gia on Record Roulette

I love going on my pal Eamon O'Flynn's music podcast, Record Roulette, where we listen to an album on Rolling Stone's top 500 list. I jumped at the chance to ...

New Essay in Los Angeles Times

L.A. Affairs: I like opera. He didn't. Should I stick around for the final act?
i bought season tickets to l.a. opera to meet my future spouse I'm delighted to share that the Los Angeles Times published the story of my musical meet-cute with Denny. ...

10 Easy Ways to Green Your Life

Join me for Genius Teatime benefitting Opulent Mobility and Sierra Club 10 Easy Ways to Green Your Life (and Look Fabulous Doing It) Saturday, april 15 from 3:30 pm - ...

Treehugger: December & January Posts

Gia Mora on the LA River
: Timothy Sayre
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