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Mindfully Entering 2019

Read Gia's Article on Openfit New article on @myopenfit! 8 #Mindfulness Exercises You Can Practice Every Day ✴️🧘‍♀️✴️ If you’ve talked to me lately, you know that Gia 2.0 has fully embraced the ...

Gia Now Writing for Voyage Vixens

In reviewing the past year's goals, I found myself quite pleased with my desires to travel and the places I checked off my bucket list. Now that I'm writing for the ...

Busting Vegan Myths on

Whether you're a tofu friend or foe, Gia's latest installment on Openfit will help you tell fact from fiction when it comes to veganism. Read Gia's Openfit article: 5 Vegan Myths ...

Gia Now Writing for

Gia joins the writing crew at Openfit covering fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Check out her first post: 8 of the Most Effective Stress Management Techniques
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