Che cosa?

“The Night” Premieres at SBIFF to Rave Reviews

Gia Mora speaking at the post-screening panel at Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Over Labor Day Weekend 2018, the lovely and talented Niousha Noor called to inquire if I could speak Farsi. There's a film, she told me, that stars Shahab Hosseini (of ...

Making Faces

Gia Mora on the Phone
Rehabbing my hip by bicycle while talking on the telephone and listening to the impeachment on the radio... making this face. A face my grandmother might admonish would stay that way, ...

Your Loving Teddy Bear

Gia Mora at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, CO
Did the teddy bear ruin young Gia’s maternal instincts? Listen to the latest episode of Pessimists Archive to find out why moralists at the turn of the 20th century believed ...

Under the Knife

Gia Mora in King Pigeon Pose, Photo by Diliana Deltcheva
Back in the early aughts, an agent gave me the following unsolicited advice: “Just eat spinach and 12 almonds for every meal. And consider having your hips shaved.” Imaging a ...
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