Che Cosa?

Gia on SpoonFull of Strength

Spoon Full of Strength - Hypermobile EDS/Osteogenesis Imperfecta with Gia Mora
I had the honor of speaking with sisters-in-law Rachel and Tina on SpoonFull of Strength, a wonderful podcast that highlights ...

Gia’s Interview with In Circulation

In Circulation Logo
The best part of joining the Climatebase Fellowship hasn't been the incredible lineup of keynote speakers -- it's been getting ...

Gia Named a 2024 Climatebase Fellow

Climatebase Fellowship Cohort 5
I'm thrilled to be joining Cohort 5 of the Climatebase Fellowship. Climatebase is the world's leading hiring platform for climate ...

It’s Getting Hot in Here

A black and white photo of Gia Mora in a slip dress on the beach with the title "Take Some Action (to Get Some Action)" in peach and seafoam.
Do you love the planet? According to 250,000+ OKCupid users, caring about the climate was the most important quality in ...
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