Musings from My Sister: No Foolin’

Today’s Installment: Scatological Silliness

Soylent fudge is fecal! Feeeecccaaaaaaaalllllll!

Oh, the disappointment of being hydrated. Your nephew misses his yellow pee.

There are a lot of cool composting toilets.

Is the twin mole on your thigh burning? Because I just shaved mine off with a safety razor. Not worth the ecofriendliness.

There is something completely unpleasant about food called “seasoned steamers.”

I don’t care if it means I am immature, the best rhyme for “broken hearted” is “farted.”

I don’t like using my tea tree body wash in the winter because I can’t wash my ass without feeling like Jack Frost is giving me a rim job.

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