April Showers Bring May Shows

If you've lost all sense of time during the pandemic, you're not alone. I woke up this morning only realize it's my sweet Denny's birthday, which means it's May, and which means I've been remiss in updating this site!

May you enjoy and indulge guilt-free in the glut of content being produced during this insane time in our lives.

Scirens Show

In addition to a reading of a new play by my friend (and international powerplayer) Jonathan Winer and a Zoom concert with the lovely Deb Graff, Scirens has four new episodes out:

Women Who Kill

I also got a kick out of chatting with comedian Kai Choyce on Women Who Kill, a true crime comedy podcast dedicated to lady murderers. Together, we tell the wild and awful story of Sheila LaBarre. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

Gia Mora on Women Who Kill

That's it for now. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. We're gonna get through this, one way or another. And have I told you how good you look in a mask?

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