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Last week, I was fortunate enough to shoot with Christy Beck of Model Environment, a website dedicated to stewardship of the Earth through environmental awareness. Below is a repost of her blog. Thanks, Christy!

ReusableBagsGia Mora: Tips For the Grocery Store
Gia Mora (aka Einstein’s Girl) is an Earth conscious actress, singer, comedian, model, talented Billie Holliday impressionist, and organic skin care aficionado.


25 Reasons to use Reusable Bags

ME: What are your eco habits?

Gia: I try really hard to live my ethics and leave as small a footprint as I can. Like Helen Keller said, “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.” I bring my reusable bags–and have used them religiously for the past 10 years–to every store. I buy organic (always for the Dirty Dozen), use a grocery list on my phone to save paper, use digital coupons, and consider a product’s packaging before buying it. My cats use compostable cat litter made from fallen pine needles. My kitchen is meat free, and all my dairy/eggs are organic. I also use organic make-up and hair products. I look out for phantom power, and I also do everything I can to buy used products, especially clothes.


LittlepackagingThe United States leads the world in municipal solid waste (MSW) with some one billion two hundred forty two million pounds of trash per day. Buying food that does not have packaging helps reduce waste.
Environmental Working Groups Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce


LabelGMO and BPA health effects

electroniccouponsME: If you could give 10k to three organizations which would you choose?

GiaEnvironmental Working GroupRefugees International, and Max Fund — a no kill shelter in Colorado

Gia used Whole Foods online coupons. Check your local grocery store’s website for their electronic coupons. Coupon Mom is another great resource.

We hope you enjoyed Gia’s tips and your next trip to the grocery store is a waste free one.

Happy shopping!

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  1. A good read, Gia. I avoid beverages in cans and bottles, even though I recycle, it’s still wasteful. I’m also a weekly Farmer’s market shopper for certain items. GMOs ugh that’s the worst – corporate greed versus bio-diversity. And I’m also one to buy used clothes. How nice, Gia!

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