Fresh Face for Sheer Miracle

I’ve often said that if I could walk around Photoshopped in my everyday life, I would. We’ve all become accustomed to images of women looking absolutely perfect–no wrinkles, no blemishes, no extra weight on the hips. And while the world’s biggest supermodels get as close to western ideals of beauty as possible via their own genetic jackpot, they also get a lot of help from a lot of people before the shoot, during the shoot, and in the many hours someone (or several someones) spends manipulating the aforementioned photographs to within an inch of reality.

Maintaining that every day is a daunting idea to say the least, especially for someone as lazy as myself when it comes to beauty routines. I need something that works and works fast. Since in the past I’ve struggled with my fair share of skin problems (eczema, acne, chronic staph infections), I’ve relied on natural, petrochemical free makeup products since about 2007. My favorite brand also happens to be the most affordable I’ve found: Sheer Miracle.

So a couple of months ago, I wrote to the founder of the company, Jane Pitte, and told her my story, offering that if they ever needed a spokeswoman, I’d love to be that face. And now I am!

Soon I’ll be putting out tutorials on how to apply all the products in the Sheer Miracle line, plus a couple of extra goodies. I’m really excited because I have a chance to promote a product I actively use and feel good about. It’s vegan, organic, natural. No animal testing. Woman run business. For once, my politics and my vocation can peacefully coexist.

Check out the first tutorial on the Wide Awake pink concealer–a must have for anyone who, like me, can thank their mother’s for their genetically dark under eye circles. And if you wanna try Sheer Miracle, they have a GREAT four-piece sampler for just $7! Plus, use the discount code “giamora” and get 25% off your purchase!

Big thank to Jason Lott for directing this spot!

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