Einstein's Girl

Explore love in the digital age through the lens of theoretical physics with "Einstein's Girl," a heartfelt musical comedy from Gia Mora

Through fresh interpretations of standards plus original songs and stories, "Einstein's Girl" travels to the edge of the universe in search of a formula for romance.


The Divine Miz Mora’s bubbly energy was on full display, along with her impressive four-octave range and an unapologetic sex appeal… a "wanna-be theoretical physicist." With a killer set of pipes.

Jennifer Ouellete
Scientific American

Ms. Mora managed the unthinkable – melding intellectual thoughts on topics as varied as black holes and supercomputing and devilishly funny commentary on the intersection between American obsession with technology and the search for love with sultry, jazz-infused vocals. She was delightful.

Jen Perry
Broadway World

Mora is the complete package—great voice, songwriting ability, humor, intelligence, looks and imagination. Oh, how I wish my science teachers had presented this material in such an appealing manner. A joy from start to finish, this marks the start of stardust coalescing into a star.

Les Traub
Cabaret Scenes

Most people don't associate Einstein with laughs and music, but those people need to see Einstein's Girl. Gia Mora's show is a delightful romp that will make you think and smile.

Sean Carroll
Theoretical Physicist & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Captivating! Gia sauntered through a cosmic vortex of jazzy tunes and witty lyrics. Powerhouse vocals, spot-on jokes, and a lesson in physics–impressive!

Richeen Ariel
The District Insider

It's such an impressive set of vocal performances, not just technically but spiritually. That's a synthesis you expect to only hear from, I dunno, Edith Piaf, or Nina Simone.

Lee Shackleford

Everyone needs to see Gia Mora‘s show and buy her CD. It is seriously outstanding. I am so wowed by her talent and her genius. Hurry before you miss this.

Helen Murray
Artistic Director

Now Available on Modern Songbook Records

Einstein's Girl, the Album

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