Effortlessly Beautiful

I’m writing a new song called Effortlessly Beautiful because (at least for me) being beautiful is anything but that. From the top of my head down, I have to:

Cut and color (ahem, enhance) my hair regularly

  • Pluck and trim any unruly eyebrow hairs
  • Brush and floss my pearly whites
  • Maintain a skincare routine
  • Brush and floss my pearly whites
  • Eat (moderately) well
  • Exercise (occasionally)
  • Paint and trim my nails (and not bite them into oblivion)
  • Remove excess body hair (not going into detail, but I am Italian)
  • Keep my pedicure shiny and nick-free

Are you exhausted yet?

In my efforts to be effortlessly beautiful, I also try to be as ecochic as possible. I loved doing this most recent spread for Model Environment on how to choose healthy, ecofriendly makeup products. And if you’re an ecochic brand looking for a spokesmodel to be the face of your line, I’m available!

Thanks to Christy Beck for inviting me back to ME. Watch out for another installment soon!

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