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Happy Earth Day! And a healthy spring to one and all.

We're hunkered down here, only stepping out for the occasional pandemic portrait or post-op appointment. Denny had rotator cuff surgery in mid-March, so I've gotten to play nurse to him this time. We had no idea how important our bulk subscription to Who Gives a Crap? would be, but when toilet paper becomes currency, we just might be the robber barons of the Valley.

Six weeks into the stay-at-home orders, I've started to lose track of the days. Turns out that novelty is crucial to how we experience time, so to help with the coronavirus doldrums, I'm proud to present:

Cool Stuff to Do While You Stay the F*¢k at Home

Watch Scirens Show

Your favorite screen sirens for science have finally launched our own YouTube series! Each week Taryn, Tamara, and I catch up over our shared love of STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts & math). So far I've covered the first Native American medical doctor, the science of imitation, and the politics of pronouns.


Whether its advice on quarantine bang trims (pro tip: be sober) or debates about the ethics of gene editing, Scirens Show's got it all. We'd love to hear what's got your brain buzzing. Tell us in the comments!

Scirens Show
Gia Mora_Timothy Sayre Photography
Listen to Pessimists Archive

Pessimists Archive tackles a technological advancement that'll make your blood run cold--the refrigeration wars. This episode is extra special because I got to set a hyperbolic piece of poetry from a 19th century trade journal to music, thus creating the most podcast-y of podcast moments that ever was.

Also check out the previous episodes on the history of birthday celebrations and our fears that technology will change our faces. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Join My Virtual Clothing Swap

I had planned on hosting a clothing swap this week to reduce the 11.2 million tons of textiles discarded in landfills each year. But since we're celebrating during quarantine, I decided to go virtual and share my experience with you on Instagram.

You too can transform your fast fashion war-"drab" into an ethical wardrobe you love. Use the time you're stuck at home to take part in the #fashionrevolution: Clean out that closet! Have pieces you love but that need some mending? Check out these virtual sewing classes with my pal A. Laura Brody.

Gia Mora_Clothing Swap
As the Globe Warms Panel Palooza
Attend AS THE GLOBE WARMS Panel Palooza

Join an impressive list of theatre, film, literary, and political culture-makers from around the world for this 12-panel series exploring writer-performer extraordinaire Heather Woodbury's eco-comic novel As the Globe Warms.

I'm facilitating Panel 8 on Sun., 4/26, but the whole series is worth your listen. And we'd love you to be part of the conversation--since this is a virtual event on Zoom, virtually everyone can attend!

Do Cool Stuff with my Friends



Phew--you made it! This email is about to end, and eventually the virus will end, too. Stay safe, stay sane, and stay strong! We are in this together.

Sending air kisses from a safe distance,

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