September’s the New January

The last few months have felt like eons, so I’m taking a page from Gretchen Rubin’s Outer Order, Inner Calm (page 213, as a matter of fact) and proclaiming that today, September 1, is the new January. Sure, this September-through-May school year may be based on an outdated agrarian calendar, but considering the living dumpster fire that 2020 has …

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Anti-Racism and Environmental Justice

The reckoning of the last three months has forced pluri-privileged white feminists and environmentalists such as myself to examine how our pursuit of “justice for all” has historically, and continues to, excluded BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ from the benefits of and conversations inside these movements. According the New York Times, STEM fields like “climate, conservation, environmental, …

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Ask Umbra

April Showers Bring May Shows

If you’ve lost all sense of time during the pandemic, you’re not alone. I woke up this morning only realize it’s my sweet Denny’s birthday, which means it’s May, and which means I’ve been remiss in updating this site! May you enjoy and indulge guilt-free in the glut of content being produced during this insane …

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Gia Mora on Women Who Kill

Earth Day Every Day

From Our Balcony to Yours Happy Earth Day! And a healthy spring to one and all. We’re hunkered down here, only stepping out for the occasional pandemic portrait or post-op appointment. Denny had rotator cuff surgery in mid-March, so I’ve gotten to play nurse to him this time. We had no idea how important our bulk subscription …

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Pandemic Portrait of Gia Mora and fiancé Denny Rivas by Rachael Porter
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