Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cover Girl

Get the September edition of VENTURA BLVD (the women’s issue) featuring Gia front and center in this cover photo from Marjorie Salvaterra.

Gia Mora (center) on the cover of Ventura Blvd. Photo by Marjorie Salvaterra

Anti-Racism and Environmental Justice

The reckoning of the last three months has forced pluri-privileged white feminists and environmentalists such as myself to examine how our pursuit of “justice for all” has historically, and continues to, excluded BIPOC and LGBTQAI+ from the benefits of and conversations inside these movements. According the New York Times, STEM fields like “climate, conservation, environmental, …

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Ask Umbra

April Showers Bring May Shows

If you’ve lost all sense of time during the pandemic, you’re not alone. I woke up this morning only realize it’s my sweet Denny’s birthday, which means it’s May, and which means I’ve been remiss in updating this site! May you enjoy and indulge guilt-free in the glut of content being produced during this insane …

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Gia Mora on Women Who Kill

As the Globe Warms Panel Palooza

Mark your calendars for the event of the (quarantine) season: it’s AS THE GLOBE WARMS Panel Palooza.

Join over 50 artist-activists from around the world for a 12-installment Zoom series exploring Heather Woodbury’s eco-comic serial AS THE GLOBE WARMS.

Gia facilitates the discussion on Sunday, 4/26 for Panel Eight. Get your FREE tickets today!

Susan La Flesche, Medicine Woman

Meet Dr. Susan La Flesche—the first Native American to become a medical doctor. 👩🏽‍⚕️💜👩🏽‍⚕️ Her incredible life story is part of the premiere episode of SCIRENS SHOW—now playing on IGTV and on YouTube. Dr. La Flesche is part of our #GlossedOver collection of stories and people overlooked by science history. We are honored to bring these stories to you.

Susan La Flesche, Medicine Woman
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