Busting Vegan Myths on Openfit.com

Whether you’re a tofu friend or foe, Gia’s latest installment on Openfit will help you tell fact from fiction when it comes to veganism.

Read Gia’s Openfit article: 5 Vegan Myths That Need to Die (Humanely)

From Gia’s Instagram:

One vegan myth that needs to die (humanely): Vegan brownies suck.

My vegan peanut butter, low sugar, gluten free brownies are *shockingly* good. I made these puppies thinking they’d be okay. But, man, was I wrong! They’re more like brownie crumbles than a cohesive bar, but the texture is light and melts in your mouth. Yummmmm…

Admittedly, I’m a relatively recent convert, having been strictly plant based since July of 2017. I never imagined I’d have the discipline or the willpower to keep this up. Then Gia 2.0 arrived in February, and I was convinced that my dietary change from vegetarian to vegan played a great part in my physical transformation. This epiphany led me to writing for Openfit where my newest article busting more vegan myths is live. But don’t worry—I promise I won’t be a jerk at dinner. But I may accidentally be that annoying fitness person now. Sorry. And you’re welcome. Namaste!

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