Gia Mora with Cara Santa Maria

Boris Karloff at the CDC

You know what I love about writing? Getting to fact check before I press "Publish." If I'd had such capacity I would not have made an egregious pop culture faux pas. While recording the Talk Nerdy podcast last week with brainy beautiful badass Cara Santa Maria, Cara remarked ...
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Top 10 Straightest Things About Football

1. Face mask head bumping 2. Ass slapping 3. Tom Brady licking his "throwing" hand 4. Spandex 5. Taking one for the team 6. Men only locker rooms 7. Man coverage 8. Ball holders 9. Tight ends 10. Gay-torade
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Photos of Things Other Than Me: Huntington, Part II

When it's 94 degrees in mid-November, there's only one place to go in southern California: the botanical gardens at the Huntington Library. Not only can you duck inside of the Conservatory for a skin boosting mist of tropical rainforest humidity, ...
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Sean Carroll Speaks at COPENHAGEN, photo by Taryn O'Neill

Scirens Field Notes on COPENHAGEN

The AxS Festival, in coordination with A Noise Within, presented a staged reading of playwright Michael Frayn’s Tony Award-winning play Copenhagen on September 29, 2014. In it, Neils Bohr, his wife Margrethe, and Bohr’s protégé Werner Heisenberg are condemned to recount the events ...
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Photos of Things Other Than Me: The Huntington

After a blistering heatwave in which you had to walk to your car holding a survival water bottle, Angelenos enjoyed the first nice weekend this fall. I headed outside sans SPF 90 sunscreen and headed for... the desert. Then a jungle. ...
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The End of a Season

I generally loathe "life coaching busy work," but annual goal setting is one such process that I find helps me gauge my progress in a world of otherwise invisible forward movement. One January I wrote as a goal, "Own a makeup vanity." I ...
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The Fourth

Long before I ever had my first boyfriend, I would fantasize about nuzzling up to some as-of-yet-unnamed gentleman’s shoulder as we lay on an open sleeping bag, fireworks above and between us, as the Fourth of July celebration commenced on ...
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Uncommon Chaos: Episode 2

Drum roll, please... you're about to witness my first stab at directing for film. And like any student nurse, sometimes the first stabs are not successful. Luckily, my hearty cast says that their experience was painless. The characters, however, may not ...
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Wamba’s World

Dear Diary, It’s almost summer,  and you know what that means? Bathing suit season--that time of year when everyone has to reckon with their overeating from the holidays and attempt to get back into shape.  For me, it’s going to ...
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Come Gli Antichi

Fact: In Italy, most older women look like footballs. Fact: My Italian family have suffered various skin cancers. Fact: I'm terrified of getting cancer but especially of getting old. Before going to school in Italy, my grandmother admonished me: I ...
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