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SAG Awards Go Green… Sort of

Gia Mora sits in front of the 2022 SAG Awards digital screeners
Last spring, in an effort to reduce my contribution to the plastic pollution problem, I wrote to the SAG Awards asking them to switch to digital screeners only. This January, ...

The SAG Awards & Plastic Screeners: An Actor’s Dilemma

A stack of DVD screeners sent to me for the SAG Awards
Springtime in LA is synonymous with awards season -- that glitzy time of year where Tinseltown shines klieg lights on entertainment's best and brightest. Deals are made. Stars are born. ...

Anti-Racism and Environmental Justice

Ask Umbra
The reckoning of the last three months has forced pluri-privileged white feminists and environmentalists such as myself to examine how our pursuit of "justice for all" has historically, and continues ...

It’s Not a Swarm of Bees—They’re My Emotional Support Companions

Victorian cartoon of bees stinging a man
Excuse me. Excuse me. Lynette, is it? I can tell you are super excited to see all of us here at Gate A17. All your shouting and waving—trust me. The ...
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