Inside My World

Write Yourself a Love Poem

Gia Mora and Denny Rivas
Write Yourself a Love Poem to Denny on our third year It's our anniversary But I'm celebrating me I made it Who knew? I did not imagine this day It ...

Prayer for a Fine-Haired Girl

Gia Mora in Venice, CA.
Prayer for a fine-haired girl May your roots Have ample volume And all your curls Be bouncy. Forever and ever, Amen. 

If My Google Calendar Could Speak

Gia Mora photographed by Lesley Bohm
If My Google Calendar Could Speak She would say a 40 hour-work-week makes me valuable. That if I want to indulge, I'm slacking off. If I want to create, I ...

Earth Month 2022

Gia Mora in a flower shop in Venice, CA
This year I spent Earth Month on Instagram connecting with like-minded intersectional environmentalists and sharing my tips for living a low-impact, movie star lifestyle -- all like treating Mother Earth ...
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