Meet Miz Mora

According to my parents, I came into this world singing. I joined my dad, guitarist Rick Chinisci, on the bandstand when I was three, and I haven't stopped performing since.

I had the good fortune to begin my career on the east coast performing world premiere musicals, for which I received four Helen Hayes Award nominations. Modern Songbook Records released my two vocal jazz albums, and I toured the U.S. with my original musical comedy Einstein's Girl. In between all that, I lived in Italy, earning a diploma in Italian Language and Culture from the University of Pisa.

Now based in Los Angeles, I've pivoted to on-screen performing and writing. I recently shot the lead a feature film directed by Palme d'Or-winner Shahab Hosseini. You may have seen me on TV shows like Baskets and Impress Me or in The Night, now playing on IFC. I'm also a series regular (and sometimes composer/vocalist) on the podcast Build for Tomorrow. I'm also the frequent subject of feminist fine art photographer Marjorie Salvaterra, including the covers of Her and Ventura Blvd. Magazine.

Ciao, tutti!


During the pandemic, I was awarded a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs as part of the Citywide COVID-19 Emergency Response Program: Reimagine Public Art, for which I created this music video directed by Emmy-award winning director/producer Michael A. Simon. In 2021, he and I will executive produce the science docuseries I Am A Scientist.

In 2019, Anchors Away, the comedy I wrote and star in with Tara Jean O'Brien, screened at the Hollywood Reel Independent and Lift-Off Film Festivals. I also co-wrote the pilot MOMs with the Screen Sirens for Science, which was a semi-finalist in the 2018 NY Television Festival Scripts Contest.

My other writing stems from an eclectic array of interests, ranging from personal essays to lifestyle pieces and most recently my low-impact movie star lifestyle. In 2021, I joined Treehugger, the largest sustainability website on the internet, as an expert vegan and sustainable food writer. As a multi-instrumentalist, I've also composed music for film, comedy songs, and a disco number for Minnesota Public Radio. I also occasionally blog on this very site.

If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be rhinestone Birkenstocks. I love yoga, kitties, sustainable living, and art. Sure, it betrays my Italian roots to eat vegan, but I promise I make up for it in pasta consumption.




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