New Original Song: “Atheist Rhapsody”


NEW SONG! 🚨📻🚨 Introducing ATHEIST RHAPSODY, performed live at The Second City Hollywood, written especially for Brother Bradley’s religion-themed Easter weekend comedy show.

I am profoundly grateful to be able to sing these words without fear of state retribution or censorship, and in honor of that First Amendment right, I decided to release this video over the Independence Day weekend.

I have friends of many faiths and nonfaiths. My longest friendship is with a devout Mormon. I just shot a film with a nearly entirely Muslim creative team and crew. I went to Vacation Bible School with kids in my neighborhood, and I regularly attend group meditation sessions. My reform Jewish friends tease me that I’m a better Jew than they are. My lack of religious belief, therefore, is certainly not attributable to a lack of exposure. Nor does my lack of belief in any way prevent me from loving all those amazing people.

The religious plurality of America makes me proud to be an American, and that’s something I’m not willing to say much these days. I am, however, always willing to say that I am an atheist (or, as my darling boyfriend reminds me, technically agnostic--and, more descriptively--humanist) because if we could all be more honest about who we are, we might just find a way to get along.

More than that, we all need a good laugh, so I hope you enjoy giggling at the many gods from cultures around the world who make guest appearances in this little ditty. #LoveAll #DoGood

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