As the Globe Warms Panel Palooza

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to AS THE GLOBE WARMS Panel Palooza, a free forum which will raise awareness of (and donations for) Covid relief and Extinction Rebellion in the US and UK!  With activist culture-makers from Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London as your guides, join us for a one-of-a-kind exploration of Heather Woodbury’s living novel AS THE GLOBE WARMS.

Launching on EARTH DAY, April 22, Heather’s Globe Panel is broken into 12 propulsive installments, each focusing on a different chapter every day until April 30.  Take an indoor road trip with us through a vivid ‘American tapestry’ of intersecting lives – as described by Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Debra Granik.

GLOBE’S warm, comic, mournful, wild and anarchic story of everyday people struggling to survive in today’s America on a planet veering toward a social and ecological tipping point, will launch us into an open dialogue about this critical turning point in our lives. Help us imagine what regenerating the life-support system of our entire planet could look and feel like!

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