A Doll’s House

Forget Ibsen's doll house -- this is RagDoll Pink Palace, a living work of art birthed from the mind of Carol Chavana. Marjorie Salvaterra assembled her collective of amazing female artist friends at the Palace for a fantastic shoot exploring the connection between anorexia and ballet.

Somehow she corseted me into a tiny tutu meant for a dancer half my size, and we captured some wild images I can't wait to share with you later. For now, here are some solo pics. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A Doll’s House”

  1. I love you! so happy you and everyone else had the opportunity with play in tutus and express yourself in everything emotionally and artistically. love these photos!

    1. Carol, you’ve made such a beautiful home for Rag Doll. I absolutely love your portraits of her. Come be a part of Marjorie’s shoots anytime! XOXO

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